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November 25, 2012
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You saw the man, he had sandy blonde hair, blue eyes. He also had a weird cowlick that stook up and glasses.

"Yo dude! Your so adorable!!!! Allistor told me he gotten me a beast but your adorable!!!!" The american man yelled as he was squeezing the life out of me. I yelped when it started to hurt and he gently hugged me.

"Sorry bra, I forgot people aren't as strong as me." He said in humor, you were upset from earlier but that didn't faze you. You knew sooner or later he was going to throw you out, just like everyone else did. You were a strong one and just wanted to get everything clear with him.

"Dude, you can take those car costume off now." He said, you glared at him not knowing it was real.

"I can't...they're real. I'm not...human, I'm part cat." You said in a sorrowful voice, you wanted to die but you needed to continue what you were talking about.

"I'm only here for one reason, to serve you and I understand that clearly Master...."

"Jones, Alfred F. Jones and I'm the hero!!!!" He said was such an arrogant voice, you chuckled because it was funny to you. You were given your maid uniform, this was the best clothing you were ever given in your life! Even the ones that that Scottish guy bought you. You always stop by the shop to chat with Elizabeta and Alfred knew about it. He never hit you and he treated you with the most respect anyone has given you. You didn't have feelingd for him in the beginning but soon as the months went by, you and Alfred have gotten to a closer friendship but you soon devolped feelings for him. You didn't tell him because it was break a rule you promised to never break; fall in love. Your feelings grew bigger and bigger that you couldn't stand it! But, Alfred was engaged to this horrible women that keeps hitting you and making you feel like an "it" instead of a "who".

----Time Skip: Month Before The Wedding Day----

You were working around the house and then, Alfred's fiannce, Natalie, came walking in.  

"Good morning Ms. Jones, here is your coffee." You said giving her coffee and not giving her eye contact. You were scared to from all the beating you took from her. You wanted to tell but, Alfred looked happy with her and you didn;t want to ruin it for him.

You went down the shop where Elizabeta worked but the manager told oyu she left this job and moved, you were about to cry until you felt something tab your shoulder, you looked to see it was Alfred.

"Hey, _________, whats wrong?" He asked looking at you with concern and you just looked at him. You blushed then ran back to the house to start working again. You didn't even look at him when he was around, it started to get weird. So, one time Alfred and Natalie went out for dinner and wouldn't be back anytime soon. So, you finished up cleaning around the huge house Alfred had and sat down on the couch for rest. You started to doze off went you tried to relax, you didn't think it would be pleasant when Natalie would see but you didn't care.

----Time Skip~ 1am----

Alfred and Natalie came in but they were yelling, you heard them and you shuddered, you were scared. Natalie turned and saw you shaking in fear and she pushed you onto the ground, you gave her a painful "meow". Alfred ran to you covering you from Natalies hits and Alfred gripped her hand.

" looks like it wasn't the first with hit her?" Alfred asked in fury, he couldn't forgive her. He let go of Natalie and just couldn't look at her.

"Natalie...pack your stuff. The weddings off, how could you do that to her?!" Alfred said going to explode but you ran up behind him and hugged him, you were trembling. Natalie didn't care, she walked off and left. You were crying softly and Alfred turn around to see you, he held you and you hugged him back. It was wonderful to feel his embrace but you pushed back.

"I'm sorry Master Jones, I can't hold it back but...I love you." You said blushing and looking away. Alfred held you close to him, you did the same, you didn't want him to let go of you. You felt yourself get light realizing that it was Alfred carrying you to his room bridal-style. You blushed and hid your face from him, you smiled and chuckled. He lay you down on the bed and started to kiss you passiontely, he also started to undress you maid outfit which showed your matching white lacey underwear set. You blushed and covered yourself from the embarrassment, Alfred pryed your arms off to revel the small body shape you had.

"Beautiful" Alfred said as he kissed your stomach, you gave mews that were so adorable. He started to have his way with you, he stripped you of your undergarments and played with your breats, you moans and your tail started to move knowing you were pleased with this reaction. Alfred nibbled on your eat, he felt them flick as you moaned. He had his member at the entrance of your wet womanhood, you didn't remember him stirpping. I guess you were in so much pleasure you didn't see with the tears of pleasure blurring your eye sight for a while. As he forced it in, you yelped in pain. You started to cry.

"Hey....its ok, I'm here...its ok." He said hugging you, saying sweet nothing into your ear made you feel a little better and secure to know, he truely cared for you. He started tothrust into you once you gave the sign to move.

"Al...faster...please" you pleadeed and so he did. He knew you were about to come when your walls tightened around him. You felt a knot in your lower stomach. you splerted your love juices on his member and he had his seed deep inside you.

"_________, I forgot to tell you, I love you too." Alfred said kissing you again. He brought the blanket over the both of you. You snuggled into his built chest, he could feel and hear your purring. He smiled and kissed your forehead and fell asleep into the lunar moon.
Yay! I finsihed one of them...I can't wait for the next one to be done ^_^

Intro: [link]
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