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October 27, 2012
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  This was the worst day ever!!! You found out your boyfriend was cheating on you for three straight months and he broke your heart. You didn't want to talk to anyone but your crush, after your boyfriend stopped really hanging with you, Feliciano. You saw him in the library reading "A Tale of Two Cities", you decided to walk over to him.
"I never thought you would read such a book." You said in a cheery humorous voice, your mouth curved into a big smile, which made Feliciano very happy.
"Mi bella, don't you look beautiful today? How is it, your day?" Feli asked and your smile turned into a frown. You slumped into a seat to hide your sadden face from Feliciano but he took you by the hand and left the library.
"Now, will you tell me what's wrong, bella? What happened?" Feli took a finger and lifted your face to look at his, you blushed a little and knew you couldn't lie to the man.
" boyfriend, well, my Ex boyfriend. He has been cheating on me for the last three months we were together and he just was horrible to me and..." You started to ramble when you started to cry. Feliciano pulled you into a hug, this made you feel better.
"Mi bella, a boy shouldn't have said those horrible things to you, in fact, why don't I take you somewhere fun for the day! Like...the CARNIVAL!!!!" Feli pointed in the direction of the amusement park. You laughed and nodded for the approval of the "date".
"But first, change into something nice but sporty, ya know, we will be walking around for a while." Feli told you kissed your hand goodbye, he told you he will pick you up at 5. You wanted to impress him and so, you decided to go out with a tank top, shorts and your favorite sneakers, (fav sneaker brand). You put your hair in a pony tail and curled the ends of them. You put a nice eyeshadow color on and a thin line of liquid liner.

----Time Skip~----

It was 4:30 and someone knocked on the door, you heard Feliciano's voice. You ran down the stairs and opened the door. You blushed at how cute Feli looked, it was outstanding!
"So...ready to go?" He asked holding his hand out, you grabbed it after locking the door and he escorted and open the car door of his car.

----Yeah...another time skip----

You guys just got in and you wanted to start on the roller-coaster ride. Feliciano was happy to see that pretty smile of yours, it made his day everytime. After the roller-coaster, Feli wanted to go into the haunted house. You held onto him for your dear life, you were scared half to death of this place.
"F-f-Feli...I'm scared..." You said gripping onto his sleeve, he looked at you and smiled. He took your hand and held it, he wanted to make you feel safe, then as you walked a man popped out and you screamed into Felicano's hands, you started to blush.
"O-o-oh..I"m sorry Feli I-" You were cut off by Feli kissing your cheek, he rubbed your tears away and hugged you before you guys went on. After you got out, you guys had lunch and played games, Feli won you a cute black skull pillow and a hello kitty plushie and you won Feli a tiger and a bear in return.

----Time Skip: Before You Go on The Ferris Wheel----

You looked at the time you had one more ride to go on, so you decided to look around and saw the ferris wheel.
"Hey, Feli, lets go on the Ferris wheel, we have time for one more ride so please." You asked Felicano politely.
"Whatever you want, today, this is for you." You said, he grabbed your hand and got on the wheel, as the cart you got in was getting higher... you started to freak out. Your kind of regretted asking Feliciano to go on the simple ride. And when you stopped at the top, you started to hyperventilate. Then you realize Felicano took and wrapped his arm around you.
"_________, I need to tell you something. Your the most amazing girl in the world and you always bring a smile to my face just by being by your side. I know you just broke up with your boyfriend and all but...would you consider girlfriend?" Feli asked you started to have tears roll down your eyes and you nodded 'yes' to him. He brought you in for a kiss, a sweet passionate kiss you deserve. You wrapped your arms around his neck but the ferris wheel started to move again.
"Ti amo, Felicano." You said give the happiest smile you can give. Feli kissed you gently and quick on your lips before replying.
"Ti amo, anche, _______." Felicano said before you guys got off the ride. As you guys left the amusement park, you guys held each others hand the whole way to Feli's car.
"This was the best day ever!" You thought to yourself as you drifted off to sleep on the car ride back.
The lovely picture of italy: [link]
I actually never thought I would do a fanfiction with italy AT ALL!!!! He never seemed like the guy I would type about. Yeah, I know this is kinda short but I dont care really, I think this is a cute fanfic if I do say so myself, I hope you guys enjoy~

his was edited by :iconluminousferret: and I thank her a bunch for the edited
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