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November 10, 2012
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      When you were walking into school with your (fav headphone brand) on your head avoiding eyes with anyone. You a very shy girl and not really much a talker but you were friendly to everyone you talked to. You only person you ever interested in was the person you would least expect to have a crush on; Gilbert Beilschmidt. He was part of the popular group "The Bad Touch Trio" and he was very out-going and he stands out. He was the total opposite of you but you felt you could reach out to him but you couldn't but of the chain of shyness holding you back.  Anyways, you were walking into school and you wore the cutest outfit you could think of, you wanted to impress Gilbert with the way you looked and see if anything changed. All the boys were staring at you and it was the most embarrassing thing ever to your highschool career. You felt a guy touch your shoudler, it was Francis Bonnefoy.
"Ohonhohnhonho~ What do we have here? Tryinf to impress ze boys are we?" Francis said and you were very scared to the point of hyperventalating. You ran off to the bath and changed into your fave band t-shirt, (favorite band), and you kept the jeans on but but some sneakers on. You regretted that you did that, now Francis will be all over you for a while. While looking around you bumped into someone and fell to the ground.
"Hey, are alright, frau?" You heard a fmailiar voice, you looked up and saw it was Gilbert,  THE Gilbert! You let your hair fall in your face and nodded, you walked away as fast as possible.

----Prussia's POV----

"I wonder whats wrong with her?" I thought as I saw Francis run down the hall looking for a girl. Francis stopped and moved back a little and to see he was actaully running.
"Yo dude, vhat is vrong?" I asked him, he was panting alot and he was gripping on to my shoulder and it started to hurt a little.
"You know zhe girl zhat just ran by? Yeah, she is pretty cute and I need to get!" Francis said with hunger in his eyes, you pushed by him to let him sit down and I ran for the girl and what to my kwnolegde, she was crying in the bathroom.

----Third Person POV----

You were crying in the bathroom stall and you heard someone come in. Your breathing started to stop, you were scared to who it was.
"Hey, are you alright? Why are you so upset?" Gilbert asked you holding his hand out. When you were about to grab his hand, the fire alarm went off. Gilbert just grabbed your wrist and ran out of the biulding with the rest of the students. You raealized that there was a fire on the other side of the school, all the students had to wait out in the snow in the middle of December. As time went on, you were shivering more and more and thought you were going to freeze to death.
"Here..." Glibert said opening his sweatshirt, you went a little further from him because you couldn't stand the attention people were giving you. You were blushing a little but Gilbert just grabbed you and stuffed you in his sweatshirt, he hugged you. You were blushing red, you were avoiding looking at his face because you thought it wasn't right what he was doing.
"I'm sorry, I just need to go, this isn't right for you." You said trying to push away, you felt him hug you tighter. You just wanted to be left alone, you regretted trying to impress Gilbert but in the end, it was your confidence that took you down the drain. When you were shaking more, Gilbert took his index finger and thumb to your chin, lifting your face up. He saw tears roll down your face, you seemed very scared at the moment.
"Hey, Frau, why so scared, you can hide in my chest if you want. I know you and you seem like a very shy girl. Its ok but I need to ask you one thing?" Gilbert said moving his face closer to yours. You blushing like hell and you couldn't look away, you were in a daze staring into the red beauties Glibert had. The onyl thing you could do is simply nod to him for wonder what was his question. Gilert smiled and brought his face to your ear.
"Ich liebe dich _______. Will you go out with me?" Gilbert asked, you were flustered by the question but you smiled at him and leaned into a kiss. Everyone saw and were jealous of you, most of the girls didn't know who you were but all you could do kiss your new boyfriend and old crush.  You saw that Francis was in shame and Antonio rutting you guys on. After you smiled at him, he pickeed you up bridal-style, you started to blush to a deep red.
"W-w-where are you taking me?! Gil?!" You asked in a very different voice tone you had never used. Gilbert started to laugh then kiss you again.
"We're going on a awesome date." Gilber said kissing you once more, he couldn't get enough of it so couldn't you. He gently put you in the front passengers seat and you buckled up for the new exciting adventure that awaits for you and your boyfriend, Gilbert Beilschmidt.
Yeah, I couldn't find a photo that had Prussia in a school unifrom and in the middle of winter so I had to use this instead. I do NOT own the photo. I wanted to brush up on some countries fnafic I have't used yet and so...I chose Prussia because I love him and Germany so...yeah. I also want to avoid using France for as long as I can because I don't really like him at all (haters gonna hate!) anyways, I only used Prussia once months ago and so I just chose to brush up on him. I hope you all enjoy~
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