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November 5, 2012
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 You were walking alone to school, like usual and everyone snickered at you. The goth freak that always was the outsider. Your reasoning was because when you were 5, your parents had a divorce and you promised to never love anyone ever so your heart won't ever be broken like your dad's. You took your seat in class and so you read your favorite book, (favorite book), and a boy walked in. You looked up and he waved to you but you looked away immediately because you didn't want him to come over.
 "Why are you avoiding me eyes, bella?" The boy asked, you jumped from your seat from fear. Everyone laughed at you, you walked out of the classroom to go to the bathroom.

----Romano's POV----

 "Hey! Whats your deal?!" I yelled to everyone in the classroom, they students went slient. They never thought that I had feelings for ________. Your friends, Antonio, took your shoulder and turned you around.
 "Me amigo, ______ has excluded from the student body. Every guy wants her but you only get the cold shoulder from her. Me and my buddies are the hotest and popluar in school and we couldn't get a single word from her. She just took her lunch and left the table, we wanted to be friendly and she doesn't want any of it. I don't think she will be different with you, just let her go" Antonio said, he gave you a simpathy look and went to his classroom. When you walked back into the classroom, I went up to her, she looked at you with a weird face.
 "I love you" I said and kissed her on the lips.

-----Back To Third Person----

 "I love you" Lovino said and he kissed me. You were in shock, you couldn't imagine why this guy like you. When he released you, you slapped him. Antonio saw and was holding back his laugh, everyone else gasped.
 "How dare you KISS me!!! You slimy pig!" You said and sat back down, he was in shock.
 "I think I actually like this girl"  Lovino thought and blushed a little. Class was now difficult to pay attention with Lovino staring at you with gaga eyes. You mentally facepalmed and tried to get out of everyclass very quickly. It was horrible and you had to hide everywhere you went and then you saw someone else, it was Lovino's brother; Felicano.
 "Oh, hello ________. My brother is looking for you." Felicano said, you groaned at the tought of it and facepalmed.
 "Bella, whats wrong?" Felicano said looking at you with a worried face.
 "Feli, your brother is stalking me and its creeping me out and made a promise to myself..." You said with an upset face. Felicano hugged you and kissed your hand.
 "It will be alright Bella, Lovino is a nice guy. He wouldn't hurt you, I promise you that. to the guy." Felicano said and walked off. You waited there for about 20 minutes and saw Lovino coming. He was sprinting towards you and hugged you tightly, you jerked up.
 "Hey beautiful, waiting for me?" Lovino said and kissed your cheek causing you too blush, you had to admit, Lovino was pretty hot and he was very kind to you. You gave up and kissed his cheek, he was surprised.
 " gave up?" Lovino said getting closer to your lips, you gave him a nod and he gave you a passionate kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck and you became happy to see him all of a sudden.
 "Hey, wanna come with me for a second, I want you to hear a song I wrote." You asked pulling Lovino to the music room. You prepared your guitar and started to play.
 "When I was younger
 I saw my daddy cry
 And curse at the wind
 He broke his own heart
 And I watched
 As he tried to reassemble it
 And my momma swore that
 She would never let herself forget
 And that was the day that I promised
 I'd never sing of love
 If it does not exist

 But darlin'

 You are the only exception
 You are the only exception
 You are the only exception
 You are the only exception

 Maybe I know, somewhere
 Deep in my soul
 That love never lasts
 And we've got to find other ways
 To make it alone
 Or keep a straight face
 And I've always lived like this
 Keeping a comfortable, distance
 And up until now
 I had sworn to myself that I'm content
 With loneliness
 Because none of it was ever worth the risk

 You are the only exception
 You are the only exception
 You are the only exception
 You are the only exception

 I've got a tight grip on reality, but I can't
 Let go of what's in front of me here
 I know you're leaving in the morning, when you wake up
 Leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream
 Ooh Ooh...

 You are the only exception
 You are the only exception
 You are the only exception
 You are the only exception

 And I'm on my way to believing
 Oh, and I'm on my way to believing"

 Once you were done, you put your guitar away and saw Lovino was in shock of happiness. You took his hand and smiled at him and walked your way to the enterance of the school. You turned to Lovino and went close to your face
 "Ti amo, _______." Lovino told you kissing your forhead as the last bell rang, everyone was leaving the building. You only could look at him and you hugged him to death.
 "Ti amo, Lovino." You said kissing him before you let him excort you home.
 "I guess he was the only expection." you thought and smiled for the first time in years in front of your only exception, Lovino Vargas

This is a request for :iconCuboneGirl121: and I thought about this when I was listening to the Paramore song "The Only Exception" which is a cute song I love so much. I'm sorry that its really short but this is all I can think of this moment in time.

Link to song:[link]

I had the Romano picture in my floder for a long time, sorry but all rights go to the artist who made this photo. I hope you guys enjoy ^_^
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UndergroundHeaven Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"I think I'm in love with this girl..." = priceless >_< :iconimdeadplz: TOO ADOREABLE!!!
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That's so cute! But.. You kinda switch on you/me/I/she, throughout the different P.O.V.s... ^^;
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AWE! I am in love! So sweet!
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Really nice story!
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I hate it when I make up fanfiction ideas and write them down to show my friend and he's all 'OH MY GAHD AMANDA THATS SO FREAKING AWESOME PUT IT ON THE INTERWEBS." and I'm just liek Tobias calm yo tits e n e
Maybe I should post one...hmmm...-secretly cries because your fanfiction is so awesome- (IMAFAILURE.)
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Are you ok? I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^"
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Hehhhehhe sorry i'm a little weird. My friend dared me to drink three monsters a day for a whole week and I knew I could probably die and suff and I'm drinking a monster now and gosh I'm so hyper...
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