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November 6, 2012
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 You were looking outside on a summer night while your close friend, and crush, Ivan watched TV. You waited and kept looking for a long time, you always wanted to look at fireflies though it was tough for you when you always forget to look but this time you wanted to see them for yourself.

You didn't realize that you butt was in the air shaking a little from excitment and Ivan blushed crazy, he didn't know how cute you butt was until now.

 "________, what are you looking for out there? Fireflies?" Ivan asked you as he turned to you and wrapped his arm around your waist. You blushed a little but you didn't mind at all.

"Da" You said, you looked at the navy bluse sky then, you felt your eyes getting droopy, you would nod off but you would force yourself to stay up. You gave in and you fell into Ivans body and you snuggled close, you felt yourself go into a deep slumber.

 Ivan only looked at you and saw you sleep.
 "Why do you always look cute while your sleeping" Ivan thought as he rubbed your cheek, he looked out the window and saw the fireflies. He smiled as he looked at you, he picked you up and opened the front door and made his way to the rocking bench that he had at his house and let you feel the moon's light on your face.

 You opened your eyes to see the fireflies, you jumped off Ivan because you ran into the feild where the fireflies were. Ivan could smile at the look to see you happy, he went inside and grabbed a jar for you.

He ran over to you and picked you up in the air and spun you around a little, you started to laugh a lot.

"Here...take this jar and you can catch a firefly and we can keep him here for and hour, alright?" Ivan said, he would do anything to make you happy but he can only control himself for a time until he will break and go into his mad state. You weren't scared of him, you practically saved his life when Natalia was harrassing him.

 Nothing phased you and thats why Ivan likes you, he never told you anything about that because he would be scared that you would leave him alone. When you finally caught one, went ran over to Ivan and tackled him.

 "Look Ivan!!!! I caught one!!!!" you said and accidentally kissed him, you realized and pulled back jumped off and scooted away.
  "I-I-I...I'm sorry..." You said hiding yyour frace from Ivan, he looked over at you and he got up and picked you up.
 "Theres an issue, I really like you, will you become one with me?" Ivan said as he put you the bed, you blushed and then giggled.
 "Da!" you said and kissed him once more before going into a pleasureable state

----The Next Morning----

 You woke up to the sun kissing your face, you wrinkled your nose from the warmth and you rolled over to feel something. You opened your eyes to see Ivan staring at you as you slept. You blushed a little and smiled up at him, you snuggled closer to him.

 "Good Morning Ivan..." You said as you kissed his nose, he kisseed you and hugged you tightly, you loved this feeling that was coming was love. Ivan put you on top of him and you snuggled into his neck, and wanted to sleep but Ivan started to groped your butt and you gave a squeek and you pinched his nose.

 You both started to laugh and you kissed eachother passionately. You ran to Ivan's dresser and put on one of his boxers and tank top, you ran around the house for 5 minutes and Ivan grabbed you and both of you fell on the bed laughing.

 "Ivan...I really love you." You said as you kissed him passionately, you held on to him because you cared so much about this man you couldn't bare it.
 "I love you too, ________" Ivan said to you as you ploped you onto the bed, he pulled downthe boxers and looked up at you again.
 "Wanna become one wiht me again?" Ivan asked sweetly
 "Da" You said in reply to your Russian lover.

This is a request for :iconreniakitty: and I got the inpriation from the song Fireflies by Owlcity (one of my fav bands in the world) and I don't do much of Russia readers and so I want to try doing this since people like my last one I did so...yeah.
I hope you guys enjoy, if theres some incorrect spelling, grammer, etc. tell me and i'll fix it immedately, thank you.

Link to the cute Russia: [link]
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JadetheKidR9 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014   General Artist
When I saw the title I thought of Owl City's 'Fireflies' 
elyanaxlevilove Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
WHO DIDN'T?pewdiepie gasp APH Prussia tackle hug APH France: Neko!France 
JadetheKidR9 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014   General Artist
-gasp- How could I have been so blind?! TO SPACEEEE!!!
vocaloidanimefan Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this story it is so cute!!! X3
FilypaWishes Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
I love Owl City especially "Fireflies" while I was reading this I was thinking about them indeed! You made a very good and sweet job,"little one"! hahaahaha
MysticKyuubi24 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it :iconblushplz:
BlakKillerKat Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
2nd to last line, you spelled 'with' wrong (-_-... realy?)
ReniaKitty Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! Now, I'll do a reader x country for you, if you want one.
MysticKyuubi24 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist has to be germany or prussia, you choose ^_^
ReniaKitty Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Uhrm,.....Prussia, I'm better at him than Germany. lol >_o
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