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November 5, 2012
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 AS you were walking out of the World meeting, you saw Ivan running to a door and Natalia pounding on it.
 "C'mon brother bruther, let me become one with you! Please." Natalia, you were pissed about this. You hated to see him quiver in fear because of a stupid girl, you had enough because you cared for Ivan. You ran up to Natalia and grabbed her arm and gave her a death glare.
 "Leave Ivan alone, ya hear?" You said ina tough-masculene voice, you tightened the grip of Natalia's wrist, she was shaking in fear and you let go of her. She fell to the ground, crawling away in fear of you.
 "If I see you bothering Ivan again with "Let me be one with you brother", I best see you prepared for payback. Now...quiver in fear like the little girl you are." You said in a tough voice scaring off Natalia, you calmed down a bit and knocked lightly on the door.
 "Ivan...its me, __________. Is there a key around some-" You cut yourself off when you saw the key on top of the door. You jumped for it and unlocked the door. You heard whimpers behind a chair in the darl room. You looked to see Ivan shivering in fear, you looked at him with a loving arua. You toucheed his shoulder and he jerked a little not knowing it was you.
 "C'mon Ivan, I scared Natalia off. You don't have to worry about her for a while." You said grabbing both of his hands and pulling him gently up towards the door.
 "Lets go out a while, shall we?" You said to him with a warm smile, he gave you a hug. You blushed but hugged him back because you actually loved the man after the first time he protected you from people trying to rape you. You loved him, he wanted to protect you and he doesn't get scared from your maniac side when your being protective or when your mad. He understood you like no one else could, everyone, including Felicano, was scared of you. You went into a depression state for a while from loneiness but I van carried you out of it with his sweet-innocent side. You guys went to dinner and had a great time, you started to get a little tired and your eye started to droop alittle.
 "Are you ok, __________? You seem tired." Ivan said touching you gently, you didn;t hear him and you fell asleep. You fell over one Ivan and he caught you.
 "Ok, I'm taking you home." Ivan said as you nodded tired-like, you felt like you were light as a feather. You snuggled into Ivan's chest, he blushed and smiled and carried you to his home instead and settled you onto his bed and he gave you a kiss on the forehead.
 "I'll see you tomorrow morning, my sunflower." He said as he changed and went into bed and held you close.

----The Next Morning----

 You woke up to the bright sun, you looked around and saw this wasn't your house. You were still too tired to panic. You smelled bacon, eggs and pancakes, you ran downstairs to see who was here or better thought...WHO was this house. As you ran down the stairs, you saw that it was Ivan cooking you both breakfast and he was...SHIRTLESS?! You crashed into the wall and you yelped. Ivan quickly looked and you rubbing your forehead, he went over right after he finished cooking the bacon.
 "__________! Are you ok?!" Ivan said checking your forehead for any bleeding,  you were ok but it hurt a lot. He kissed your forehead and you started to blush like crazy, you walked over to the dinning table and sat silently eating your breakfast. You didn't want Ivan to see your face, it was red from what Ivan did a couple of minutes earlier. You looked up and saw he was staring at you, you quickly looked back down at your plate which was empty.
 "Ivan...I'm still a little tired, I'm going to sleep some more. I'll be up in a while, I'm sorry for being rude and all." You said in a tired/sadden voice, Ivan went over to you and hugged you from behind. You started to freak out, this has never happened to you in a life time. You tried to get out of his grip but he hugged only tighter, you were wondering what was going to happen.
 "Ivan...?" You said in a nervous voice, he turned you around and and kissed you gently on the lips.
 "________, I love you, I wanted to tell you ever since you saved me from Natalia the first time. I know you go manic and scare people, you don;t scare me, your beautiful to m and always will be." Ivan said hugging you, tears rolled down your face.
 "I love you too Ivan." You said kissing your Russian man, you didn't want to go further because you were too damn tired to do anything.
 "Ivan..." You whimpered like a child as he saw you were too tired to go any further, he swooped you into his big arms and brought you to his room and put you down on the bed. AS he got up with tugged on his pants, you looked up with tire yet cute eyes.
 "Don't go..." You whispered, Ivan came under the covers and watched over you like a garuidan angel. Your Russian man was there for you all the time and you found the man who loved you for you.
 "I don't want the world to see me
 'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
 When everything's meant to be broken
 I just want you to know who I am"
I got the idea to make a Russia x reader one, this is my frist time doing this. I hope you guys enjoy ^_^
I thought of this when I was listening to Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. I hope you enjoy this~

Link to picture: [link]
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WHO was this house.

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